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At this very moment, WordPress is responsible for around 43% of websites worldwide. There is a chance that currently you are doing your business through a WordPress-built website. 

However, In this digital era, the existence of a website is not enough. You need to be super fast, on multiple devices. Guess what? No one wants lazy loading.  

In, we understand your WordPress website needs to have a better user experience. Our specialized team focuses on the problems like loading time, google page speed insight, multiple platform compatibility, Woocommerce checkout, and any vital issues regarding your websites. You deserve the best WordPress website optimization service, and valuable and get the best of it for fast loading.

Why Do You Need Professional WordPress Speed Optimization Service

As WordPress is popular for its easy and convenient development, business owners are mostly dependent on it. Surely, you will not desire a slow-loading webpage on your website.  

For a reasonable conversion rate, you must have an optimized website. While you are gearing up your website speed, business expansion, and development possibilities will get higher and higher.

You see, better WordPress website speed comes with a better user experience. As your audience can reach you in a fast and comfortable way, you have all the possibilities for developing and stepping up to achieve your business goals.

Be it local SEO or technical SEO, your WordPress website optimization will help anyway. More of the population is involved in mobile devices nowadays. Multiple platform-based UI experiences can be better with a good response time.

We have started our journey of optimizing websites and have already done it for over 10 years now!

– Team,

Let’s Look at the Bigger Picture, Shall We?

Can you remember the last time you clicked on a link to buy something and waited for five minutes? Doesn’t ring a bell, does it? 

It would be a very annoying process. 

You already have guessed it. You wouldn’t consider waiting for a WordPress website with bad performance and longer load time. Why would your target audience do that? Here comes the necessity for performance optimization.

As we live in the era of information, amazing things are happening right now. 

However, we cannot deny the unimaginable amount of information floating around us that makes us quite impatient. In 2000, the average attention span was around 12 seconds. Currently, it is just around seven to eight seconds. 

It doesn’t matter if you have an entertainment business or a clothing business, the time length for showcasing your product or service gets shortened. Your painstaking video or post is just one scroll away from being forgotten. 

It genuinely puts you in a tricky situation. Even if you have a smooth website, people might ignore it if the content is not attention-grabbing. 

Online businesses are getting competitive every secThe harsh harsh truth is if you cannot compete, you are nowhere. On the other side, more audience engagement and a good conversion rate can change your business goals over a short period. 

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WordPress Site Development

WordPress Speed Optimization

Bug Fixing, Cloning, Restore & Migration

Custom Plugin Development

Website Management & Maintenance

Redesign, Cleanup Database

Our web development team will analyze your current website and determine its status. 

In this step, we will provide you with a roadmap proposal regarding your website condition and possible solutions for improvements. Mostly there are multiple options for WordPress speed optimization services.

After we get the confirmation from you, our development team will immediately start working on your project. We will update you in the necessary development phases and by the end of the timeline, you will get a website that will load in about two seconds!

Depending on the researched report, we will find possible solutions regarding the website.

In this part, depending on your requirements, you would select a plan from our suggested lists. We will also provide a timeline for your project. All of our plans are modified with an affordable price tag. 

Just to make sure that you are totally satisfied with our services and results, we will make a report using the leading speed-evaluation tools.


“Wow- Razu Exceeded all my expectations for site speed and optimizations! I never imagined our website could ever be so quick…Not only was the work very good and we had zero issues- he also went above and beyond to help me migrate my site to a faster hosting platform. I will keep using Razu for all my website help!”

– Upwork’s Client

“The estimation of works is reasonable, but the result is achieved impressively in a short time. Nazmul did the job a few times quicker than others could, and the price is the same. So if any demand to get quick results for the market price – Nazmul is the right developer. Thanks and will work again.”

– Upwork’s Client

“Nazmul delivered fast and did a great job, despite some technical hiccups. The mobile site speed increased from around 35 to 96!”

– Upwork’s Client

Exactly what I was looking for to improve the speed test results of our WordPress site.

Upwork’s Client

He set up my website for an excellent google PS score in one day!! He is a beast!! Thank you so much

Upwork’s Client

Great to work with. Very quick turnaround. I’m excited to work with Razu again!

Upwork’s Client


Got a problem regarding your WordPress website?  Was your google page speed insight report not satisfactory?

Make a phone call, knock us on social media, or e-mail us. We communicate through most of the platforms.

Let us know what WordPress-related problem is bothering you. We are always here to make a difference. 

We set an affordable budget for every business. If you have a small online business, we have a plan for you too.

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